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>> good evening i'm dan. we did begin with breaking news tonight an it's tragic. a little girl hit by a darr while riding her bike has died. 12-year-old suffered major injuries. happened on no have the 0boulevard near sandy creek road. sky 7 hd was over the scene shortly after this happened in novato. police say the man driving the white suv hit the girl. he medley got out to help her and is cooperating with the investigation. helicopter flew the young girl to children's hospital in oakland where they worked on her for hours but sadly we just learned she did not make it. no word yet on who was at fault. well, now to a critical cyberattack. most expensive assault on american bank ever launched from the middle east. it happened right now. citigroup j p morgan chase bank of america wells fargo u.s. bank corp and today p nc. millions of people locked out of their account on line. maybe it happened to you. the government is tracking the activity trying to prevent from it becoming a full scale financial nightmare. tonight
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pierre thomas on who is behind it and what it means for your money. >> tonight the financial banking industry is on high alert. massive cyberattack remains under way. potentially millions of customers trying to bank on line this week blocked. among the target bank of america. p nc wells fargo oychlt there is elevated level of threat. threat is now high. >>reporter: sources tell the us it's denial of service attack. where hacker from the middle east have secretly taken thousands of computers worldwide. those computers zombie overwhelmed bank web site with barrage of traffic. different bank targeted on different days. today was p nc turn. >> we tried for 3 hours to get on p nc web site but we couldn't get through. >>reporter: facebook today frustrated customers. cynthia wrote time to you pay bills. this is ridiculous. the hopefully up soon. never
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realize how dependent i am on it. group of hacker warned the financial industry it was going to attack in retaliation for the controversial film that sparked outrage in the muslim world. scary thing is that even with the warning the attack could not be stopped. >> the threats are getting increasingly 70's indicated. >>reporter: u.s. expects hacker in iran may involved. >> this is the first time that we know about where a middle east entity perhaps middle east government has attacked web sites of critical infrastructure in the united states. >>reporter: hackers not able to steal any money in these attack or disrupt financial markets. authorities fear the next generation of wide scale cyberassaults could be far more definite staiingt. >> if they get in the bank they can move money around and cause financial chaos. fichlt that's pierre reporting. hackers are blanketing the bank with the attack but so far everyone's money is safe. just might be difficult to access it for the
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time being >> some people use the social media password to access bank account or the shopping site. tonight the private information is a little bit safer thanks to law signed today by governor brown. the governor signed a pair of new privacy bills making it illegal for employers and colleges to ask for user names and pass words. it revents employers from asking for your face book or other social media pass words so that they can checkup on you. restriction do not aplay to employer issued electronic devices say if your company gives awe phone. mo morgan hill police looking for mother writ now who they say believe it or in the abandoned her 10-year-old daughter at grocery store. police tell us the 38-year-old woman of morgan hill filled a shopping cart with grocery at safeway 8 days a. she told her did you tell us to wait by the exit with the cart until she drove up in the car. 10-year-old was supposed to push the cart out of the store as soon as she saw her mom pulling in. when she did store
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employee were talking to the daughter and taking off. >> it's disheartening for us as law enforcement officers to see this. see a child used in any crime much less just a theft. luckily it's not any more sires than that. but if mom was willing to do that for a theft, who know what is she is willing to do. >>reporter: police say the woman and her daughter shoplifted from the same safeway two weeks ago. mom is 5 foot 11 200 pounds brown hair brown eye and may traveling with her boyfriend. she was last seen driving a green ford explorer with wyoming license plate number here it is 41111 8. now the 10-year-old is not charged with anything but she is now staying with her grandmother. >> in albany tonight worried patients trying to get more information about the arrest of a middle school teacher. james is facing charges tonight accused of commit ago lewd act
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with under age student. more on all this tonight from 7 news reporter laura anthony. sfichlt wait they arrested. >>reporter: students parents at albany middle school were stunned to learn popular teacher and coach hadarrested. s was arrested at his albany home wednesday on a single count of lewd wabingt a child under the age of 14. his former students can't believe he is charged with such a crime. >> i had him as a teacher and he was really nice. and very charming. and he was totally friendly. and not in like a creepy way but lake you are a cool teacher way. >>reporter: albany school superintendent stevenson says the teacher was hired astute in 2007. and received a full time position as sixth grade teacher in 2008. >> he's very active at the middle school. involved in our student leadership program. our
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athletic coordinator coaching seventh grade volleyball and eighth grade boy's basketball. >>reporter: alleges against the teacher came to light after the albany high school principal contacted administrators at the middle school. police would only say the teacher had a quote inappropriate relationship with an under age student who is still attending classes in the district. >> i just hope it's in the true. my daughter adored him. great teacher. >> nice nice family. >>reporter: will bennett lives across from the family for many years. >> would i give him all of my morale support that i cap. would i really lick to know what is rig again 0on behind it. >>reporter: the teacher was released on bail from santa rita jail now set to be arraigned friday afternoon in oakland. in albany, abc 7 news. l future of san francisco city college was at stake tonight in a public meeting of its board of trustee facing unprecedented budget craze the loss of accreditation beard
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approved 14 point plan including hiring administrators to keep sharper eye on the finance. laying off faculty. closing leasing some of the property. rae focus on basic college course. state community college commission has given them until october 15 to produce a final action plan and until march 15 to begin turning things around. oakland a's pitcher braiden says the hometown stockton is so dangerous that he is taking his grandmother and moving out. which led to this angry exchange we want to show you with the city police chief at an anti-violence rally yesterday. >> we are in the going to have individual shout out fairness to the rest of the crowd i'll have you wait until the end. we'll have you escorted out if you don't wait until the end. >> i need to go. >>reporter: braiden called police chief jones a liar for telling the crowd police are doing everything they can to control the city notorious gang violence. stockton was rank
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the second most violent city in california last year. and the tenth most violent in the united states. remember in june it declared bankruptcy just hours after that meeting it recorded its 50th homicide of the year. well another blow to northern california job market tonight. campbell soup company announced it's closing a plant that employs more than 700 people. reporter jeff maur was first on the scene at the plant in south sacramento early today when the employees got this tough news. >>reporter: some react entered anger screeching the tires and laying on the horn as they left the campbell plenty on franklin boulevard. company called all the employee ins for an emergency meeting where they were informed that the plant was closing. they were lasting their jobs. >> this is definite stating. really devastating. >>reporter: for the past 13 years value rae star has walked to work at the plant. now she will be walking to the unemployment line along with 700 other employee whose are getting laid off 8. lot of people working here for a lot
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of years. a lot of us are at that aim it's hard for to us find jobs. >> i'm 59. so nearing planning i have a 21-year-old son that i'm send to go college so not ready for retirement. >>reporter: campbell's klotion the plant for a number of reasons. mainly because volume of can soup are in did he klain. finding ways to be more productive with the rae sources and the company is focused on different packaging format including soup store entered pouches instead of cans. reducing the need for large scale soup manufacturing. >> when you have that excess capacity it cost more to run. so we look across the plant. sacramento is our oldest plant. it's one of our least efficient plants. it has the highest production cost case of any plant in the u.s. >>reporter: this production facility will be shutting down in phases over the next several months. ult ultimately closing the doors for goodbye july of next year n.south sacramento,
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abc 7 news. more to bring you this thursday night. coming up. terror link in the libya attac attack. first secretary of hillary clinton. now another top administration official suggests an al qaeda link to the embassy attack that killed bay area 98th chris stevens. >> mean whale man would made the anti-muslim film connected to the attack is arrested. l federal judge has decided what. >> get ready to bring out the shorts and t-shirts. we have some hot autumn weather coming our way. details coming up. >> formation. offense 6 men on the line. >> and they are back. the unprecedented reaction to the return of the of real nfl refs. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow. you guys have it easy.
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>> attack in libya that killed 4 americans including u.s. ambassador stevens first thought to be an impulsive act by angry mob. outraged over anti-muslim film. but today high ranking american officials admitted it was the work of terrorists. abc news reporter jake tapper has the latest on the story. >> secretary of defense panetta acknowledged that the attack that killed 4 americans in benghazi libya on the anniversary of 9/11 was not only carried out by terrorists.
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it was premeditated. >> as we determined the details of what took place there, and how that the attack took place, that it became clear that there were terrorists who had planned that attack. >>reporter: white house first suggested that the benghazi attack was spontaneous. the result of that anti-muslim video inciting mob throughout the region. >> must be mostly clear that these protests were in reaction to a video that had spread to the region. we don't know otherwise. the we have no information to suggest that it was a pre-planned attack. >>reporter: but sources tell abc news that intelligence officials on the ground medley suspected the attack was not tied to the movie at all. arousing suspicion the fact that the attackers knew where to get ambassador stevens after he fled to a so-called safe house half mile away. the building was hit with insurgent
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mortar suggest the terrorists knew what they were doing. some administration sources tell us they were concerned after the white house began pushing the line that the attack was spontaneous and not the work of terrorists. the white house says assessment have changed over time as intelligence has been confirme confirmed. president obama has rae pete he hadly said the investigation is on to fine the killers and bring them to justice. abc news has learned that officials from the fbi which is leading the investigation in benghazi have not even gotten to benghazi. more than 16 days after the attack because of security concerns. now officials worry by the time they do get to the site it will have been pick clean. abc news the white house. meantime the men responsible for the anti-muslim film that ripped apart the arab world has been ordered detaine detained. 55-year-old if man left u.s. district court in los angeles after hearing a federal judge call him a flight risk. he was arrested early today on 8 counts of violating
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his probation. seen earlier this month masked by clothes was on probation for check fraud and banned from using computers or the internet. the film depicts the profit mohammad as womanizer, religious fraud and chilled molester and it inflamed many people in the air ab world. >> immanuel this happening where you live. virtually an entire neighborhood growing po pot. 13 people were arrested in santa rosa a today. 150 cops sheriff's deputy and fbi agents seized 300 pot plants after serving warrants on 32 homes interthe auto maul here. authorities said entire neighborhood looked and smelled like a pot farm. marijuana growing openly in almost every back yard. investigators say most of the suspects have links to gangs. remarkable. okay. let's move on. weather forecast. sandy is here. great weather but chilly tonight. >> absolutely dan. you can see
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that the visibility is droppin dropping. let's show you the live picture from l high definition emeryville camera. we are looking at the fog as we look out towards 80 and it is getting cool. that time of year when we get dense fog and we get the cool temperatures. so prepare for slow going ride in the morning due to some 80's of dense fog. live doppler 7 hd showing you where the fog is sitting near the coast. already pushed in over parts of the bay tonight and as i mentioned visible is already poor along the coast. half moon bay down to half mile. most of the rest of the bay area 10 miles visibility at this point. temperatures 70's inland valley still hanging on to some of the warm frvt today. 50's along the coast lane where the fog is signature. here are the high for today. everyone many fall warm-up very minor at the coast by a couple degrees. 58 in half machine bay but inland valley got up in the low mid 90's. 95 in livermore. 81 san jose. 74 for new oak land. 78
9:18 pm
redd with city up to the north bay 90 degrees in santa rosa and san francisco was 66 degrees. all right tomorrow we shave off few degrees. not a big deal. areas of dense fog tonight. holding steady tomorrow then a big warm-up is coming this weekend. you will feel the heat in our inland valley not just for the weekend but next week as well. tomorrow morning upper 40's to mid 50's so certainly a cool start to your morning with the areas of dense fog so bundle up and make sure you have enough time to get to work or take the kids off to school this area of low pressure will take our temperatures down jaws few degrees for the your friday but then higher pressure comes together as the ridge comes overhead. we see a warm to hot air mass developing. hottest day of the week over the next 7 day basically sunday and monda monday. tomorrow afternoon, thoshtion we'll still have temperatures in the comfort zone. 79 in the south bay santa clara. 84 for saratoga. 80 degrees in san jose. on the planes looking at warm day at least around palo alto, los
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altos upper 70's. 71 in million pwraechlt bundle up pacifica chilly 59 in the afternoon. you will need a sweater or jacket. 59 in the sun set district. you will see fog lingering here as you see. 55 in downtown san francisco. and in the north bay it's almost a summer like feel with upper 50's near the coast. mid 90's around ukiah and clear lake. 81 in sonoma. 82 for napa and santa rosa head out to the east bay. 73 degrees in hayward. start off the morning with fog and then sunshine. 72 oakland. inland valley 90 fairfield. 85 dublin. bring you some warm weather in livermore. 90 grease for monterey bay 61 in carmel. fog will be around. gilroy 82 degrees. accu-weather 7 day forecast most of you will enjoy mild to warm afternoon tomorrow but much warmer weather for the weekend. mid 90's inland saturday mid 60's coast look at sunday. it's beach weather. 70's at the beaches. upper 90's inland. up to triple digit mark on monday. mid 70's
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at the coast. cool it off starting tuesday but much cooler wednesday thursday. >> dan how would you like to win grave,000 dollars. >> count me in. >> how about you? just go to the 7 news facebook page and like us. click the win 49,000 dollar button to enter. announce winner on october 18 right after the 49ers game right here on abc 7 news. if you already like us and as i have said one million times how could you not like us you still have a chance. go to our page and click the 49,000 dollar button take you to the page where you can fill out the entry form. you have an opportunity to win big with abc 7 news niner fans. do it. >> 49,000 big ones. >> it's a big one. >> thank you very much. >> come up. hunt for jimmy hoffa as we continue. tip that could track a very cold case. wide open. >> plus with officers forbidden from carrying guns 1 town police force goes to the dogs.
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and him if he moves. ♪ you ain't nothing but a hound dog crying all the time ♪ . >> there we go. records are made to be broken. singer who just smashed an elvis presley milestone. stay with us. 7 milestone. stay with us. 7 news at 9
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>> magazines i have man hunt in oakland proves successful today. there was a shelter in place for 2 schools as police lack for a parolee near 14th and add line streets. here's nick smith with what happened. >> this is the man oakland police had been hunting for since 8 this morning. they say he was driving this maroon car left oakland when spotted bay police unit patrolling the
9:25 pm
neighborhood. officers signal toward the suspect to pull over but the driver sped away and then they chased him. that's when he crashed his car into this tree. suspect jumped out of the vehicle and ran away on foot. doing his best to hide in area back yards. whole complete set up a perimeter an canvas the area with assistance canine unit. after 2 and a half hour search oak land pd got their man. police say they are able to make arrest like these because of community participation and witnesses even though chasing to remain anonymous coming forward. in oakland, nick smith, 7 news. >> the search for teamster boss jimmy hoffa moves to michigan tomorrow morning. soil sample taken to see if there's human decompost from this driveway. authorities received what they call a credible tip that hoffa may buried under the cement. hoffa disappeared in 1975 from a restaurant parking lot about 30 miles from this neighborhoo
9:26 pm
neighborhood. more to come on that. well a dog is now the only certified member of a police force in a small town in new mexico. the police chief in vaughn stepped down yesterday amid revelation he could in the carry a gun because of a felony conviction in texas. the town other officer was convicted of battery two years ago. he's not certified. so that leaves this dog as top cop. top dog too. she's the only cop on the force without a criminal record. well 30's much more to come tonight. as we continue the advertising blitz that has given president obama a big bounce in the poll. calculated campaign effort in some very important states. >> and l airport security missing sochlingt wait until you see this investigation from abc news. >> east bay students who took an innovative new class and saved their school tens of saved their school tens of thousands of dollars
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about. >> this is really amazing. shocking new abc news investigation tonight into just how secure those airport security check points are when it comes to your belongings. new report shows that 3 81 tsa employee have been fired for stealing from passengers. some officials say that's really just the tip of the ice berg. aby news chief investigative correspondent brian ross has this eye opening report. >> instead of protecting passengers, prosecutors say the tsa officer caught on this airport surveillance tape in memphis was stealing from one. first at an empty ticket counter he stashes a lap top left behind at checkpoint. then drapes a jacket over the lap top and walks away. in this case the tsa officer was caught convicted and fired. >> this is the tip of the ice
9:31 pm
berg. >>reporter: new figure provided to us show 3 81 tsa officers have been fired for theft. 11 this year alone. amid what critic ka you will a culture of indifference and lacks oversight. >> i was like man that was easy. >>reporter: just out of prison convicted tsa officer brown says he stole 800,000 dollars worth of items over a 4 year period. brown manned a tsa screening machine at the nawshing airport where he says he would be tipped off overhead camera weren't working and others did the same thing. >> became massive. >> were you the only one. >> no. >>reporter: in our own investigation involving 10 major airport with a history of ts a theft problems abc news checked bag with i-pad and cash and purposely left behind i-pad at check points. all the lug annual made it past tsa safely and in 9 out of 10 cases at carry on check points tsa screening officers did exactly
9:32 pm
what they are trained to do. but it was a different story in orlando. where our i-pad was last seen in the hands of tsa officer andy ramirez. 2 hours later we were able to track the i-pad as it left the airport and ended up at the tsa officers home. brian ross abc news. can you give me a hand here. we are looking for a missing i-pad. >> missing i-pad. >>reporter: when we tonight reclaim the i-pad two week later ramirez at first denied having it. >> okay. >>reporter: is it hear. >> no, sir. >>reporter: but shortly after we activated an audio alarm on the missing i-pad. found it. there it is. >> he proud it. with tsa uniform now off he blamed his wife for taking it. >> my wife says she got the i-pad an brought it home that. can't be true because last time we saw it was in your hands. >>reporter: brian ross reporting. tsa wouldn't agree
9:33 pm
to interview fwhu a statement said it holds its employees to the highest ethical standard. also say ramirez is no longer with the agency. now to some politic. some credit the president new lead in key battle ground states to the publicity bounce from the democratic national convention. but tonight there is another explanation for his rising poll numbers. here's l mark matthe matthews. >> in the last week of august and first week in september our attention was focused on the convention. but during those weeks something else was also at play in the swing states. >> i'm barack obama and i approve this message. >>reporter: running political ads attacking mitt romney. analyst say the ads almost exclusively negative define romney as anti-auto bail ou, anti-woman, anti-middle class. and the number of ads was overwhelming. obama campaign ran twice as many l ads as romney and all of romney supporters combined.
9:34 pm
>> feeling on the part of the row romney camp they didn't have to do it. too early. not enough people paying attention. they would wait until the convention and afterward. >>reporter: political signest brady says obama campaign was helped out by romney miss step stepsism comments about the middle east. 47 percent comments. >>reporter: not played into the picture of romney obama campaign was trying to paper. there's one other big advantage to going early. as the air waves swing states became saturated with political ads now from both sides television stations are required to give the candidates discounted rate in the last 60 days before the election. if the discount apply only to candidates political parties and outside groups like super pack thief they are not entitled. "washington post"reports that in ohio 30 second slot this cost obama campaign 125 dollars is costing conservative super pack 900 dollars. romney to get that discounted rate as we
9:35 pm
have reported much of the money that romney raised has been from high dollar donor. going to the rnc. not to romney campaign. >> people representing room any have to spend 3 to 5 teams as much than obviously you have got only one-third or 1 quarter or one-fifth the number of ads you can run. >>reporter: hear about the big convention the president got that romney didn't. there were other factors at play. we are in the seeing those political ads either for the president or mitt romney here if california but in the swing states, they sure are. in the newsroom, abc 7 news. president obama is expected to draw a big crowd when he breaks away from the swing state on october 8. organizers issued a price list for the appearance at the auditorium. 100 dollars for general admission. 250 buck for preferred admission. 1,000 for vip seating. 2500 for premium
9:36 pm
seating. for sfaiv00 dollars attend reception and have your picture taken with the president. 2500 extra for each additional person st. >> well, some smart students are brain storming to help the schools save money. the members of livermore high school green engineering academy and they took part in major effort to cut energy costs in the district. l nick smith has their story tonight from livermore. >> sophomore year all started when we all got together and started being geeky. >> these students are part of livermore high school green engineering academy. program is designed to promote engineering through hands on activity and only offered to 60 students a year. shared interest formed an instant connection. >> we all bonded and we are brother and sisters and learn together and have fun and making fun of each other in the science fair together. >>reporter: they applied their skills to find way to save their school and livermore valley joint unified school
9:37 pm
district tens of thousands of dollars in energy cost. something the class 1936 never had to worry about. >> it's maybe steps to take to be different. what you have to do every light switch counts e-for example this lamp is older system. it's about one and a half inches in diameter and uses more energy than newer model. >> they know it best and they can help us out with specific count and information. >>reporter: mroj equity made possible by pg&e innovator pilot program where engineers by duane brought on to board to do an energy ahead it. he was teased with those who know the campus best. >> that measure we identified was about 100,000 kwh annual savings which is 14,000 dollars for the school each year they would save. >>reporter: students were able to identify more than 45 quad lamp. multiple thermostat and old computers outdated and
9:38 pm
simply sucking up too much energy to be cots effective in today classroom. simple upgrade an opportunity for real savings. move the district business officer lacking to make every penny count can appreciate. >> that saved us 70,000 dollars for a small investment. we do have to pay money to save money but the return on investment is very short. >> when the green measure is in place livermore high school could save 34,000 dollars annually. best part? unless your school is new, every school has an opportunity to save as much in energy cost. in livermore, abc 7 news. well it's never been done before. coming up singing and hiking. 2 past time merge in very unique way. >> i can't say to octoberfest. look at what is hot this weekend if making
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hills are alive with the sound of people learning to yodle. [ yodle] ♪ that seems hard doesn't it. yodling was developed in the alp and originally used by shephard calling from peak to peak. if now austria helping travelers experience it with first ever yodle hiking trail 4 males long. there are 5 decisions along the way offering yodling lessons. it's the first trillion of its kind ever. no i'm not going to tray it. in the here any way. >> new top man on billboard top 100. listen. >> get high get high get high get high. >> if thanks to this new song celebration lil wayne has new hay point for the most hot 100
9:43 pm
entry at 109 he's had breakthrough to 100. hard to believe but that passes 108 posted by elvis in 1958 and 2003. wayne hold titles mostly thankful to many features on other people songs still quite impressive. >> while talking music. recreation l -- recreating early jazz era and octoberfest in the bay area. arts entertainment reporter don sanchez has a look at what is hot this weekend. >> recap touring another era. the mall transforments the billboard corridor into the early jazz era with elegant dress music jazz saturday nigh night. sell writ octoberfest with cuisine, great beer and good music. three days across from at&t park. the film festival challenges the art form with exciting new look. downtown. flamingo passion
9:44 pm
brings grace excitement fiery dance to the bank head theatre in livermore friday night only. also the festival in san francisco and oakland. >> just came down with some quest. you are gay aren't you. >>reporter: normal heart look at aid. tony winner for best revival of play in the theater. 43 for all on the campus for everyone. free all day sunday. everyone. free all day sunday. stepping out to celebrate life. show casing breast cancer survivors and inspiring evening saturday in the marin center. celebrating live pwru for two days the 20 12 folk street festival it's understand afternoon. practically sizzle at the the area and how spicey can you get. this is 7 news. >> still ahead tonight. never lose your data again. company that has developed a storage system they say will last 100 million years. that should be
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listening enough. stay with [ owner ] i need to expand to meet the needs of my growing business. but how am i gog to fund it? and i have to find a way to manage my cash flow better. [ female announcer ] our wells fargo bankers are here to listen, offer guidance and provide you with options tailored to your business. we've loaned more money to small businesses than any other bank for ten years running. so come talk to us to see how we can help. wells fargo. together we'll go far. >> if about if.
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>> the mars curiosity rover found evidence of water on the red planet. it's a stream bed and it shows water once flowed in the area. they believe the water was deep and flowed quickly. it's now headed to a spot where 3 types of terrain enter sec. japan base hitachi has developed a storage system to keep data safe for a long team. talking about 100 million years. hears some pictures of that storage system. it's 4 layers of a thin sheet of quarters glass. data is evened that the glass with a laser by an optical mike skochlt hi catch i claims this is available to consume inter2015. large business with
9:49 pm
enormous amounts of data to protect and save. interesting gentleman go back up date the weather forecast sandy is here. the forecast doesn't last that long 100 million years good for 7 days. >> only good for 7 days. show you the high for tomorrow. they are coming down a little bit and warm still in our inland valley and mid upper 80's. coastal areas though you are going to be if the low to mid 60's. the fog will hang around that the afternoon. we are basically holding our warming trend for tomorrow. today we saw the warmer weather and it resumes as we hit the weaned. much warmer weather. it's going to get down right hot for the weekend. 98 inland. 72 on the coast on sunday and then you will have everyone else in between by monday. temperatures start of october triple digit inland. unseasonably hot inland valley. but just about where you should be along the coast with the mid 70's. the warm fall weather possibly be the warmest we have seen for the coast. >> interesting pretty steamy
9:50 pm
this time of year. >> sports director larry is here. you have stanford to talk about. >> my scores are accurate for 100 million years. there's no debate. not going to change. i'll tell you what. >> no faith. >> i tell you what happened with stanford in. also worry about coming back tomorrow and different story. unlike the weather. you never sure. can't be sure. many defensive license man dream murphy, then things went terribly wrong. things went terribly wrong. sports
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>> family is demanding justice because a man who assaulted a young autistic boy isn't being charged. those story and more coming up on 7 news tonight at 11:00. but larry here to talk about the sports and the a's
9:54 pm
hanging on. >> they are trying desperately. walking the tightrope final week of the regular season. dan said training to hold on to the wild card play off spot. one of 2. hit 5 homers in texas today and still somehow lost. this is a boom stick. 2 foot long hot dog 26 dollars. dan says he will take 2. l show you my boom stick right here. 1 nothing rangers then mike 2 run shot to right off black who got the hook in the 1st inning. 5 nothing. before you knew i it. deep hole. josh shaves now can hit. o for 28. big slump 2 hit last tonight two homeers today. the bottom 2. hamilton down the left field line. into the corner. the the score. 6-1 texas. 9-4 game in the eighth then most and reddick again. they all homer in the inning to make this a 9-7 contest. a's 5 hom
9:55 pm
homeers. not enough. johnny swing and myself. that ends it 9-7 the final. a's now 1 back of baltimore with the top wild card spot. a's did catch a break because of what happened with seattle and the angles. scored 4 times in the seventh. double home robinson. mariners win so the a's stay 2 games ahead of the angels and ray up ahead with 6 games left. giants made the move we all expected. suspended outfielder cabrera not rejoin the field he was suspended after positive drug test. he will be eligible to return to the league championship series but the giants don't want him back. terrific chemistry since he left. team got hot. 1 the nl west going away. no potential at al distraction for the continuing cloud that came with the barry bonds steroids case. still linger with the team. cabrera released this statement disappointed i won't have the chance to join my team in the
9:56 pm
play offs i wish my team mates the best in the post season. rooting hard to bring another world championship to san francisco. here's manager bruce on the decision. >> i like the way we are playing now. guys have come together and guys have been out there. how they played. they have earned this. and so we made the call and now it's behind us. >> giants playing final home game of the regular season. this afternoon against the diamondbacks giants put up a 6 spot in the 2nd inning. hunter penn with a tomahawk. 2 run blast. giants on top 2 nothing. still in the second. marco scooter. stl saving money on sound effects. i do it myself. giants with the 6 nothing management likes it. barry went 6 innings. struck out 3. he got the win. hector sanchez inform sound effect her for this. i'm fresh out. i know. i'll think of something. giants win 7-3. now 14 and 8.
9:57 pm
best season in 6 years. as a giant. never have so many been so happy to see 7 guys show up with whistles. the real refs. return for thursday nature football in baltimore. replacing the replace many. they got a standing ovation. here's the first call from an actual professional referee gene. >> holding. offense. number 74. penalty is declined. fourth down. >> that felt good. now to the highlights. josh this is not feel good. oh. rocked by ravens recover. he left the field. fortunately on his own power. didn't return. early second quarter joe flacco over the middle to smith. 18 yard touch down. young man lost his brother last week. continues to play. amazing story there. ravens up 9-7 at the half and here is brandon intercepted by williams. 63 yard pick 6 ravens win 23-16. fall.
9:58 pm
college football. stanford at washington. stanford defense coming up big hear. look at murphy. the quick reflection. getting hands up to pick off keith off to the races. 40 yard touch down stanford ahead 13-3. husky dig a fourth and 1. look out. it's bishop up the middle and goodbye. is 61 yard t.13-10. fourth quarter 5 minutes to go price a little quick screen to williams. juggle down the side line. best to 35 yards for the score. huskies up 17-13. josh just 18 of 37 on fourth and 4. throwing this to the tight end. l is that the best play there? i don't know about that. interception. washington knocked off stanford 17-13. i if. >> come up with another one. come on larry e.i'll try. i'll work on that. >> management.
9:59 pm
>> that's our report for all of us here. i'm dan. thanks so much for watching we appreciate your time. see you tonight over on channel 7

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